What began as a modest study into health and nutrition blossomed into the greatest advancement in human evolution. Following development from embryo to fully formed organic being, The Proteus Wheel has created a revolutionary system to optimize biological conditions stymieing anything but the absolute best results in adaptive perfection. A near perfect human specimen with only room for as yet undiscovered abilities is a modern reality.

The Frantik Formula

Designed to enhance cognitive acuity this branch of study focuses on multiple areas of the brain, predominantly the amygdala and its related functions. Think clearly. Decisively. Proactively. Avoid distractions. Selectively hyperfocus. The Frantik Formula is the road to infinite intellectual capacity.

The Callux Equation

Focused on the metabolic functions of the thyroid, this specialization targets the body’s tenacity and capacity for muscular growth. Create a body of chiseled perfection. Increase lean mass. Improve nutritional intake. The Callux Equation is key to a pristine physique.

The Volgar Quotient

Developed by experts in revolutionary cytology, this treatment methodology uncovers new possibilities in molecular biology. From the cellular level genetic code can be rewritten to allow for otherwise impossible improvements. Summon indomitable determination. Unparalleled thresholds of resilience. The Volgar Quotient is the answer to fathomless resolve.