We are proud to report a new clinical trial which will begin in early 2018 featuring the latest and most potent iterations of each proprietary treatment. Three of our highly successful patients will be showcasing their skills and abilities in a controlled environment for public display. We have since obtained the necessary licensure to enroll our participants in certain physical exhibitions that will test the limits of their advances. In accordance with HIPAA code, their identities must be kept private.

This test group will serve as a demonstration of the cutting-edge treatment we provide. We expect them to be received so impressively that a new caliber of potential patient will voluntarily emerge. If our treatment can yield such outstanding results on subjects who struggled with preexisting maladies, imagine the results on candidates who are already at peak athletic condition.



A New Beginning for All

Following the dissolution of The Titor Conglomerate, once the largest benefactors of our scientific research, The Proteus Wheel underwent a complete top-down reorganization. Gone were any connections and remnants of that now defunct enterprise. Everything from our methodology to philosophy experienced the same radical transformation our patients can expect. As a result, our directives have drastically changed and now include our own philanthropic endeavors. Instead of serving corporate greed, we now serve a medical need.

Allow us to help you. Accept our wondrous gift of biological alchemy.

Our treatment isn’t simply for the infirm. It is for everyone and anyone who cares to live at or beyond their extreme potential. Completely safe. Absolutely sound. Once our trials have concluded, these treatments will be available to all. Any individual* will be able to undergo this transformative process. Will you ultimately join the era of a new humanity?

Choose The Proteus Wheel, the leading independent scientific research, and treatment facility in the world. A health organization you can trust, free of corporate and political influence. Financed through patents in medical innovation. A group of compassionate caregivers whose mission is simply the elevation of our species and the protection of our future.

A new day is dawning, only for those who are awake to see the sunrise. Open your eyes.