The moment has come…

to unlock your hidden potential!

What if the limits of human advancement lay not exclusively in the composition of the body, but equally in the province of the mind? Several years ago The Proteus Wheel began an ambitious study into the expansion and development of the human potential. Evolution has demonstrated the transformative extent to which our biological organisms are capable of adapting. What if the key factors in this process could be artificially imposed? Centuries of slow physical change shortened to mere weeks. What could a person achieve if they were closer to their perfect physical forms?

Now that question can be answered.

Through the stimulation of dormant cells, our unique system of therapy can eradicate the boundaries of evolution. Hereditary weaknesses wiped out completely. Not just in the treated subject, but in the patient’s children and future generations to come. No need for vaccines. No need for the most common of medications. Fewer illnesses and unnecessary surgeries. Better mental health and stability. Live better, longer and fuller.

No one goes through this process alone. Hundreds of clinical trials and dozens of treatments have created a network of patients from a variety of backgrounds. Men and women who would have otherwise been confined to beds and wheelchairs now count themselves part of Proteus Wheel’s increasing success stories. People who were left broken and abandoned to rot in hospitals across the country have since become whole. Our facility has the utmost commitment not just to rehabilitation but to improving pre-existing skills and abilities beyond what they formerly were.

Our team of brilliant surgeons, geneticists, nutritionists and so many others, are proud to unveil this next step in medical history. The Proteus Wheel will forever change humanity’s contributions in the workplace, in sports, and in the military. Tomorrow’s potential is available today!

And, all of this is possible only through the incredible intellectual illuminance of…SCIENCE!

Yours in knowledge,
Prof. H. Nicodemus, MD, DMD, RD, DPT, MOT, DO